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What is the new

You can comment any website on the website itself with!
Just add "" in front of any URL ( The website will then open with an additional discussionboard popup - the zpeechboard - on the left hand side, in which you can
  • instantly read all discussions ever of users regarding that very website
  • add your comments to the website after a short + free registration

Why should I register for the new

You can discuss any website on any website with only one tool, now!
  • 1. You "eternalize" your opinions, comments, criticism, ideas, experiences, suggestions, hints or help on any website
  • 2. Other zpeechers read your comments and join your worthwhile discussion or open an additional discussion
With zpeech every internetuser can publish his opinion on any website of the world now. And he can do it on the website itself.

We think this is a real innovation and to exaggerate a little bit - it adds a new dimension to the internet. The zpeechboards are like a matrix over all websites. - your freedom of zpeech!

If you want to write on your own you have to register, as we want to avoid spammers and other disturbance. As a reader you do not have to register. You can start instantly and read comments (zpeeches) of other zpeechers and profit from tips, warnings, praise, ideas...

Start publishing your opinion on any website with one tool - - and tell the world! Publish your praise, warnings, ideas, hints on any website. Read other comments and profit from other zpeechers experiences published on the website's zpeechboard
... and be part of a worthwhile discussion.

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